Samsung's USB monitor reviewed

Samsung raised a few eyebrows at CeBIT with their SyncMaster 940UX, a monitor that not only had VGA and DVI inputs but USB as well.  They promised installation so simple a vaguely-trained sea-lion could manage it; EverythingUSB didn't have such a beast to hand, so they asked Scott Clark to take a look at it instead.  While USB has been great for hot-plugging peripherals, can it cope with the high bandwidth required for video?


The good news is yes, if you're predominantly surfing, emailing and churning out Office documents then this is a fantastically straightforward way to add another display.  In fact you can add up to six, daisy-chaining them up to four in  row.  Particularly clever is the fact that on plugging in via USB a virtual drive with all the drivers on is automatically loaded; particularly stupid is that turning off the monitor cuts the connection to the two-port USB hub on the side.

Gamers and CAD kids might want to look elsewhere, but everyone else could do a lot worse than checking out Scott's review.

Samsung SyncMaster 940UX review[EverythingUSB]