Samsung's t509 cell phone

Seems that among cell phones these days there is a goal of creating the slimmest phone available, and starting with Motorola's RAZR slimness has been a main focal point of many companies. Well it seems that Motorola has a new challenger. If you thought that the RAZR was slim, think again. Samsung has announced their new t509 cell phone which is by far the slimmest cell available in the US. While only 9.8mm thick the cell phone is packed with a great amount of features including, believe it or not a camera. So far the slimmest bar shaped phone from Motorola is the SLVR which is 1.7mm thicker than the t509.

[flv][/flv]Video of Samsung t509

The cell phone features a big colorful screen, and as most cell phones these days, Bluetooth connectivity. The t509 also supports EDGE which enables you to surf the net and download files at faster rates than regular GSM phones. The cell phone with much anticipation will be revealed at the CTIA Wireless show in Las Vegas this week, so for all you already there remember to check it out for it truly is something that may revolutionize the cell phone market in the next few months. When compared to Nokia or Motorola, Samsung is not as good in sales but with a phone like this things are about to change.Overall the t509 is something that will be awaited with great anticipation, for not only its features but also its thickness will contribute to the cells success. Another amazing thing on this cell is the built in camera, which until now has not been seen on cells this size. The t509 may be what Samsung need on the cell phone market to push it out and who knows maybe even take the lead. The Samsung t509 will be commercially available by the second quarter from T-Mobile.