Samsung's Q4 2012 Financial Report Rolls In, Shows Over $8 Billion In Profit

Samsung has released its fourth quarter financial results, and the numbers show that last year was indeed a good year for the Korean company, with it reporting an over $8 billion (8.42 trillion won) operating profit. The total revenue came in at a tad over 56 trillion won, representing an over 7-percent quarter-on-quarter increase. To ensure things stay in its favor, the company plans to keep its 2013 investments around its 2012 level.

The cited reasons for the company's reserved investment size include market uncertainty and a slowed economic recovery, although the company will adjust as necessary based on the market. The company's Display Panel segment had a rough quarter despite demand for smartphone and TV panels, but its Semiconductor Business pulled in profits. Likewise, LED TVs proved to have a positive effect on the quarterly earnings.

Of course, mobile units represented Samsung's largest money maker, with its Mobile Communications pulling in a 4-percent profit increase over the last quarter at over 27 trillion won. The majority of that increase is due to the company's wildly popular Galaxy S III and the Note II. In combination, its IT and Mobile Communications business units pulled in 5.44 trillion won.

Samsung's Senior Vice President and Head of Investor Relations Robert Yi offered this statement. "Despite uncertainties in Europe and concerns over the U.S. fiscal cliff creating a difficult business environment, we did our best this quarter to achieve strong earnings based on a strategic focus on differentiated and high value-added products as well as our technological competitiveness. Heading into this year, we are expecting a slow recovery in the component business due to reduced capital expenditures, while competition in the set business will intensify further as demand slows and the mid- to low-end market expands."

[via Samsung]