Samsung's latest TFT spurns DVI, VGA for USB

Here's a curious one.  Everything USB reports that Samsung will be unveiling a new TFT monitor at CeBIT next month; nothing too strange there, except if you check out the SyncMaster 940UX's booty you'll only find USB connections, not VGA or DVI.  Hooking up via USB would certainly make things easier: given the ubiquity of the technology, adding extra monitors to your desktop or laptop would no longer require a dual-head graphics card or external graphics processor. 

As they point out, however, the 19-inch display will likely have to use your computer's CPU to crunch graphics, meaning it's not ideal for any situation where you're already hammering the processor (gaming, music or video processing, etc.)  The alternative would be to have an external graphics card built in to the monitor itself, which would likely make this an expensive proposition.

PC World [via Everything USB]