Samsung's first 3G anti-Apple patent suit rejected in Germany

The first of Samsung's seven patent infringement claims against Apple in Germany has been rejected by the courts, though it's unclear at present what impact the decision could have on the Korean company's remaining cases. Centered around 3G/UMTS wireless standards patents Samsung holds, the case alleges Apple has released products such as the iPhone without licensing the tech appropriately. At this stage, though, we don't know if the Mannheim Regional Court decided Apple escaped on a technical reason, FOSS Patents reports, or if it decided that the Cupertino company did indeed have a license.

If, when documentation around the court's decision is released, the former turns out to be true, Samsung could push ahead with its remaining patent suits and still stand a chance of winning against Apple. However, if the German court has decided that Samsung has, in effect, exhausted its rights under the patents, that would be a far more significant decision.

That, it's suggested, would potentially see all bar one of Samsung's remaining patent complaints rejected, leaving the company's legal battle in relative tatters. Apple continues to claim that its use of the patented technology is covered by its deal with Qualcomm, which supplies certain radio chips, and that it has no further obligation to Samsung.

Samsung has demanded access to the Qualcomm contracts though is yet to gain copies; the company has said that it believes the information the documentation contains could have a huge impact on its various cases against Apple worldwide.