Samsung's 50 nanomater pushes unprecedented DDR3 8GB laptop memory

Samsung Electronics have put 50 nanometer's memory technology and manufacturing processes in good uses. Developed from the new technology, higher density and more power efficient chipsets were achieved to fabricate a single stick 4GB DDR3 SDRAM chip.

Alternately, the 4GB DDR3 can be produced in a single stick 8GB small outline DIMM for laptops, unbuffered DIMM for workstations or desktops, and twice as much for server-grade dual registered memory. The same device could reach as much as 32GB module configuration with an additional dual-die package technology applied.

Additionally, the new process is also eco-friendly. In fact, similar process with smaller 2GB stick was developed back in September last year, but the new 4GB stick is estimated to have reduced 20 percent power consumption, and as much as 40 percent a 16GB modules stick. No words when Samsung will mass produce the new memory.

[Nikkie via electronista ]

[image via thestandard]