Samsung WVGA AMOLED boosts pixels, brightness

No, not club kids with faulty glowsticks, but Samsung Mobile Display's latest WVGA 800 x 480 resolution AMOLED panels.  Said to offer four-times more clarity than standard AMOLED screens, together with 300 pixels-per-inch, they're also 40-percent more power-frugal for longer lasting mobile devices.

Compared to LCD panels of the same size, the AMOLED displays are apparently 1,000 times faster in their response times.  Brightness is also improved over standard AMOLED, at 350 lumens.

No word on when exactly these displays will go into full-scale production, nor when we might expect to see them showing up in mobile devices.  Considering how much of a push Samsung Mobile is giving to AMOLED in its cellular range, however, we expect they'll be goading their display brethren to release them as soon as possible.