Samsung won't be putting Firefox OS on its devices

We've been seeing Firefox OS crop up quite a bit lately, reporting yesterday that it will be launched on 18 operators globally. ZTE, Alcatel, Huawei, and LG are all on board for launching handsets with Mozilla's mobile OS, but there's one big maker who's device we won't see it on – Korean manufacturer Samsung.

So says the folks over at CNET, reporting that word was passed down from a "high-level Samsung executive" at the ongoing Mobile World Congress 2013. This isn't particularly surprising given the manufacturer's rampant success as the most popular Android handset maker. Sony, on the other hand, has stated that it is in line to launch a Firefox OS device.

The Sony handset is slated for launch in 2014, with the company's engineers working alongside Mozilla to produce the device. With that competition out of the way, Sony has a better chance of pushing its Firefox OS efforts to become the top maker of devices for the mobile operating system. No information on what the handset will be like is known, however.

Firefox OS will feature the ability to gather search results from both the Web and apps simultaneously, as well as a feature allowing users to create an app from a search term for expedited searches. Mozilla promises that the most beloved apps will be available in the Firefox Marketplace when the devices launch, including Twitter, Facebook, AccuWeather, and more.

[via CNET]