Samsung Wireless Charger Trio specs detailed in product pages

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The AirPower wireless charging mat will probably be a source of shame for Apple for quite a while, at least until it finally launches its own official wireless charger. Until then, other companies will try to hit it while its down with their own versions of a three-in-one wireless charger. mophie has long been launching such accessories and it wasn't really a shock when Samsung announced its own Wireless Charger Trio earlier this month, albeit with no details. Thankfully, Samsung's own product pages are happy to provide those.

The Samsung Wireless Charger Trio can charge up to three devices at the same time but the third spot is really reserved only for a Galaxy Watch 3, Galaxy Watch Active 2, or Galaxy Watch Active. There are six charging coils to power it up, delivering up to 9W of fast wireless charging or Qi-compatible 5W. Almost like a subtle jab, it can even support Apple's 7.5W wireless charging requirement for iPhones.

The charger is advertised to work with cases that are at most 3mm thick, which seems to be the standard these days. However, should the charger get too hot because of that, it will automatically drop to a lower wattage.

The Wireless Charger Trio also has some convenient features like LED lights that not only indicate charging status but can also be dimmed at night to be less disruptive to your sleep. In fact, you can even schedule the charger to turn on or off automatically.

Samsung's triple wireless charging mat was already announced to come in color options of white or black, which should match any of its color themes for phones and accessories quite nicely. Samsung hasn't yet given any word about pricing and dates for the Wireless Charger Trio but its appearance on its own website hints it should be really soon now.