Samsung Wave 3 Smartphone Ushers in bada 2.0 Trio at IFA 2011

In Berlin this week Samsung's Unpacked IFA 2011 event we're seeing several devices running the hardware manufacturer's own mobile OS Bada 2.0, at the head of a pack of three devices the lovely looking Wave 3. Now this isn't the first time we've gotten a look at the Wave 3, Samsung officially unveiling the Wave 3, the Wave M, and the Wave Y in a release on the 30th of this month. What's new for the viewing at the Samsung Unpacked event is the groups renewed dedication to the Bada platform and slightly different spin on the trio of devices announced this week making them seem all the more appealing as they surf in to an ocean of mobile devices, a flood if you will, largely dominated by Samsung's other main partner in mobile, Google's Android.

I'd like again to direct you back to the Samsung Unveils Wave 3, Wave M, and Wave Y post for a specifications rundown, all of the details you'll need on the hardware before we set you up with hands-on explorations of the devices this week as well. What Samsung is pushing here, again, is their own "heritage in innovation," Samsung's mobile operating system bada 2.0 bringing you such excellent features as multi-tasking, Wi-fi Direct, voice recognition, and NFC (as an option.)

What Samsung has let us know this week is that they're offering up these devices and this mobile OS to consumers who wish to do a whole slew of new and/or unique actions. The first action they've revealed is the ability these devices have to share photos and files without Internet networking. While other devices certainly do have similar capabilities to these new Wave devices and their non-internet sharing, Wave comes forward with a perfectly optimized and emphasized set of options for you to move files about in your own home network.

Next, these Wave devices are being shown to work with NFC for mobile payments. As all great futuristic devices should be able to do, NFC-enabled Wave devices are able to be waved in front of an NFC-enabled reader and do any number of different things, including most importantly transfer money. Similar to what we've been seeing with several different recent Samsung devices, these Wave devices will have the ability to access Samsung Apps, an area where you can download apps directly from Samsung so you know they're approved to work best with your Samsung gear.

Then there's ChatON, an app Samsung is now working to integrate in many different mobile devices, made to enable chat between all of them, regardless of what mobile operating system they are using. Micro-communites can be set up, you can chat with your significant other when you're hanging out in Berlin, no problem, and essentially all Samsung devices in the near future will be ready to go with it right out of the box.

Samsung Wave 3

Samsung Wave M

Samsung Wave Y

Finally there's the lovely new hardware! Have a look in the gallery below if you'd like a quick refresher of what each phone will be working with OR head back to our original Samsung Unveils Wave 3, Wave M, and Wave Y post for a more personal touch on the specs from Rue, then stick with us here on SlashGear for the rest of the Samsung Unpacked event at IFA 2011. If you're reading this post at or around 2AM PST, you can check out our LIVE FEED of the Samsung event! Join us and chat away!