Samsung wants more cameras and sensors under the screen

2019 seems to be the year when Samsung makes huge gambles in an attempt to bolster its image and market share. Of those two bets, one has already ended up being a PR nightmare. The other, Samsung says, is a noteworthy achievement. Ironically, that is the somewhat more controversial Infinity-O "punch hole" screen and Samsung wants to put more than just the camera underneath the displays of is future smartphones.

When rumors of Samsung putting sensors beneath the screen started to pop up, many hoped it wouldn't be like the Infinity-O hole we have today. They imagined that the screen will be one whole, unbroken panel with a whole that only becomes visible when the camera needs to used. The reality, of course, is that it's nearly impossible to pull off for now.

Even Samsung itself admits that cutting out a hole in the OLED display is no easy task. It isn't one of their best design options though and Samsung knows it. At the same time, it insists that it's a milestone in terms of display technological advances.

Its ultimate goal, however, is to have all the sensors underneath the screen. That means not just the camera but even things like proximity and ambient light sensors. It's also looking into having an in-display speaker not unlike with LG, Huawei, and Xiaomi already use. The more ambitious goal, however, is to make that hole invisible, that is a normal part of the display, without blocking the camera.

While Samsung may have the chops and resources to develop such a technology, it probably needs to tread carefully this time around. The media circus around Galaxy Fold issues doesn't inspire confidence in its ability to produce experimental and expensive components that won't break easily. Especially when it rushes to be the first to have that.