Samsung unveils bada open mobile platform

Apps for mobile phones are a huge business. You only have to take a look at the massive profits that Apple is turning with the App Store to see the potential of the market. The problem for many developers looking to write apps for devices other than the iPhone is that the wide variety of hardware and capabilities of most brands of smartphones mean an app for one device might not work for another.

Samsung has announced a new open platform called bada that is designed to allow developers to create mobile applications for millions of Samsung handsets. Samsung promises that bada will bring accessibility to a wide range of consumers with a variety of apps and content for mobile devices.

The open platform allows operators and developers to write apps that will work across a wide range of Samsung smartphones without having to worry that apps will be inconsistent. Samsung expects that mobile operators will use the bada platform to offer customized services to customers on their networks as well. The bada website is live now and the platform SDK will be unveiled in December.