Samsung Universal Flash Storage in Development, Ready by 2011

Today, Samsung made it known that they are hard at work on a new flash memory format, one that will increase speeds, and more scalability. The new memory format, which is currently in development, should be ready to hit the market by some time in the first half of 2011. The new memory format will bring data transfer speeds up to 300Mbps, according to the new report from DigiTimes.

Samsung is working with the JEDEC Solid State Technology Association to create this new Universal Flash Storage memory format, and the two companies believe they can make it possible for data transfer speeds reaching as high as 300Mbps, while offering future scalability. It looks like memory, and how we use it, is starting to be the focus of companies all over the globe, as this announcement pairs quite nicely with the recent announcement from Toshiba, regarding their Ultra High-Speed I (UHS-I), which doesn't offer up the same speed as Samsung is boasting, but is a change for the better nonetheless.

Samsung says that the new platform is designed to work in the same things we find flash cards in now, but the universal standard is meant to make it easier for consumers not to get confused by the multiple platforms and manufacturers. It's also meant to make it possible for more interoperability between products, no matter which vendors are supplying them. It's also said that Sony Ericsson, Texas Instruments, and Nokia are joining in this effort for a faster, universal standard.

[via DigiTimes]