Samsung tweets from iPhone to promote the Galaxy Note 9

JC Torres - Dec 2, 2018, 7:11 pm CST
Samsung tweets from iPhone to promote the Galaxy Note 9

Facepalm-worthy moments such as these aren’t exactly new or rare though, admittedly, they seem to happen more on the Android side of the digital divide than those from iOS. Still, every high-profile “clerical error” makes for a good chuckle, though probably at someone’s unfortunate expense. The latest entry into the book of social media bloopers is Samsung Nigeria’s tweet that exalted the “stunning cinematic experience” of the Galaxy Note 9 using an iPhone to say it.

To be fair, one local Samsung social media mistake does not a company blunder make. It would have definitely been scandalous if Samsung’s main Twitter account made the error. For all we know, the person behind Samsung Nigeria’s Twitter account was too stunned and too engrossed in the Galaxy Note 9’s display that he or she didn’t notice they were holding the wrong phone.

The reaction to this incident, however, may have been more entertaining than the error itself. Naturally, it has been an opportunity for iPhone fans to point out how many times such things have happened. Even celebrities tweet about how great their Android phone is, be it Samsung, Huawei, or even BlackBerry, while doing it from an iPhone. Curiously, there are rarely any reported occurrences the other way around.

During times like these, however, the question that almost never gets asked is what happens to the poor fellow who made the hopefully innocent mistake. If Samsung can sue brand ambassadors, even one remotely associated with a head of state, for such errors, one can only wonder about the fate that awaits lower ranked employees.

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