Samsung teases a strange "Art PC PULSE"

Although Samsung is probably most known for smartphones these days, especially exploding ones, its wide range of consumer electronics products also happen to include PCs.Not the conventional desktop variety, of course, but more along the lines of laptops and some rare Windows tablets. That's why when the company teased a certain "Art PC Pulse" as a new desktop experience, our curiosity is naturally piqued. But all we have, for now, is a colorful glow of a video teaser.

The description for the teaser goes "Anew spin on the desktop experience is coming your way". Given the circular form in the middle of the otherwise purely black screen. In the middle is a disc-like object that, on closer inspection, spins slowly, tying up with the teaser text.

That, however, could be a red herring, or just part of what Samsung has planned. More notable perhaps is the changing colors around, or perhaps beneath, this spinning disc. Depending on what the user, or the PC rather, is doing, it shines a different hue, be it about a notification, a weather report, or even a playing movie.

We've actually seen this kind of color-based notification system before, but on a smartphone. When Samsung launched its Galaxy J2 2016 edition in India last July, it came with what the OEM billed as Smart Glow Surely, however, there is more at work here than that. Or at least hopefully.

What form this PC will take, if it's a PC at all, is still open for theories. The spinning disc is indeed an odd design, but we've seen odd PCs before, though definitely not a moving one. It could, also, simply be an accessory that sheds a new light on PCs. Either way, Samsung has set an October 10 date to reveal what PULSE really is.

VIA: Sammy Hub