Samsung teases a new Galaxy device with “4x fun”

JC Torres - Sep 14, 2018, 12:33 am CDT
Samsung teases a new Galaxy device with “4x fun”

If you thought Samsung is already done for the year, then you obviously don’t know Samsung. It still has a lot on its smartphone plate, including the still elusive foldable phone. But closer to reality, Samsung might still have a few mid-range phones to announce presumably. All it has, however, is a very mysterious teaser for “A Galaxy Event” next month that promises 4x fun, leaving the Interwebs to argue what that fun really means.

With an event scheduled right after Google’s expected Pixel 3 event, Samsung would be crazy to announce something huge as a four-mode foldable smartphone. Or is it? Samsung has managed to smartly stay away from major events and announcements, so it probably won’t start now.

Perhaps a four-mode Galaxy Book 2? There have been rumors of a new Galaxy Book 2-in-1, though the last Galaxy Book has been a detachable device, not unlike the Microsoft Surface Pro. Has Samsung gone Yoga? Recent leaks and FCC sightings say “no”.

“A Galaxy Event” sounds more like a Galaxy A announcement. Though that would come months early compared to the Galaxy A8 (2018)’s December announcement, Samsung did mention it wanted to give millennials more advanced features sooner than its own premium Galaxy S line. Does the “4x fun” mean a four-camera setup on its back? It’s probably safe to bet on dual cameras front and back instead.

Either way, Samsung is setting a date on October 11 for this new Galaxy device. Being mysterious definitely helps drum up interest and speculation, though, given the timing and lack of marketing, it’s unlikely to be an exceptionally big Galaxy device.

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