Samsung teams with Hulu to launch a Galaxy S21 photography show

Samsung has teamed up with Hulu to launch a new reality competition series called Exposure. This is, put simply, a branded collaboration that will essentially market the Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G handset to viewers — the entire series is based on using the phone to complete photography challenges.Exposure is set to hit Hulu on April 26. Budding photographers will compete each week using Samsung's high-end smartphone to capture images. The show, of course, will be used to showcase the Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G's camera technology, which is quite substantial and a key selling point for the device.

Samsung boasts that this model features the 'highest resolution photos and video on a smartphone.' This handset packs a 40MP front-facing camera, as well as rear 12MP, 108MP, and two 10MP cameras with ultra-wide, wide-angle, and telephoto lenses. Beyond that, Samsung has squeezed in 100x 'space zoom.'

Samsung played a role in shaping the reality competition from the start, according to The Hollywood Reporter, which got a statement from Hulu's Liz Levy who said, in part:

Brands must be creating entertainment, not just content, that highlights diversity, inclusivity and supports culture, and do so where it counts, on the most widely watched marketing stage of the 21st century — Streaming TV. At Hulu, we recognize that it is imperative for publishers and brand partners to work together to redefine how we reach audiences.