Samsung T7 Touch Portable SSD comes with a fingerprint scanner

JC Torres - Jan 8, 2020, 9:05am CST
Samsung T7 Touch Portable SSD comes with a fingerprint scanner

The mobile lifestyle now no longer just applies to smartphones. It’s no longer unusual to see people carrying laptops around and working anywhere there’s a Wi-Fi connection or a power outlet or both. The change in lifestyle and work habits has also changed the way we store and access data or even the volume of data we accumulate in a short amount of time. That means that portable storage, even usually expensive SSDs, has become more common and so is the risk of theft or loss. Samsung is coming to the rescue with a portable SSD that offers an additional layer of security on top, literally.

Those that store critical personal and work data on such portable drives usually encrypt their hard drive to prevent unauthorized access to files but that doesn’t cover all the bases. Sometimes you want not just the assurance of some authentication system that’s as secure yet also as convenient as the ones we use on smartphones. Fortunately, fingerprint scanners have become so commonplace that it’s almost easy to put them in any electronic device.

That’s what Samsung is promising with the T7 Touch Portable SSD, the first of its kind from Samsung’s portfolio to come with a fingerprint scanner. That might not be the clincher for certain classes of computer users but Samsung isn’t leaving them with just that.

Samsung boasts that the SSD is twice as fast as its predecessor, up to 1,050 MB/s data transfer speeds on average. That’s thanks to the use of the latest USB 3.2 Type C standard. All of that is crammed into a storage device that is barely larger than a business card that, despite the size, can store 2 TB of data.

Samsung has yet to announce availability details for the T7 Touch Portable SSD. When the drive does come to market, it will be available in Silver and Black colors. Watch this page for updates on Samsung’s new secure portable data storage at CES 2020.

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