Samsung SyncMaster 2243Hz & 2233Hz: mildly confusing names

Samsung has announced a pair of LCD monitors with, it has to be said, moderately misleading names.  The SyncMaster 2243Hz and 2233Hz are both 22-inches and run at 1680 x 1050 resolution, but despite what the titles might suggest don't have any super-speedy refresh rates.  In fact typical response time is 5ms under normal use.

Enhanced MPAII is present to reduce motion picture response time from 27ms to around 9ms, and to make the most of that each has DVI ports that support HDCP.  Screen brightness is rated at 300 nits.

The 2243Hz has four USB ports and MagicRotation (to re-orient the display if you turn physically turn the screen), while the 2233Hz has just two USB ports and does without any rotation.  No price or availability details as yet.