Samsung SWT-W100K MID - has WiBro and DMB inside

This device is fairly amazing, not only does it look great, but its small and feature-packed. It has a 4.3-inch WVGA touchscreen, DMB and DMB PIP digital TV and WiBro (like WiMAX, but slightly different).

It also has GPS, a 2MP camera, and Bluetooth 2.0. For media features it has 8GB of memory built in, an MS Word doc viewer and media playback for the following formats: MP4, XviD, WMV, and H.264 as well as what I am sure is a fair list of audio codecs.

It's a mere 15.7 millimeters thick and manages to pack all that in as well as a VoIP client and front facing VGA camera for video conferencing, lastly there is a built in USB port that also has USB host enabled so you can plug in a flash drive or something of that nature to add more storage space. No word on OS or release date, but, it will cost you about $525 USD and since WiBro is pretty much limited to Korea, that will likely be the launch site.

[via PhoneMag]