Samsung Smart TVs to accept “finger gestures” for 2014

Will Conley - Dec 22, 2013, 9:16pm CST
Samsung Smart TVs to accept “finger gestures” for 2014

Samsung‘s 2014 Smart TV line will be a step up from the 2013 models. The company described a few of the details in an announcement today, one of which is “finger gestures” — a fine-tuning of the gesture controls already included in the Smart TVs. Samsung will demonstrate the features in full at CES 2014 in early January. For now, here’s a sneak peek.

“Finger gesture” will let you change the channel and the volume with a finger in mid-air, as well as go back to the previous panel or stop video playback by dialing counterclockwise. The Smart TV tracks and processes the motion using the built-in camera. This new feature is in addition to the hand gestures already available: swipe through panels with a flat palm, pinch or stretch with the open palms to zoom in and out, “like” Facebook posts with a thumbs-up, and grab to select objects.

As for voice control, Samsung says it has fine-tuned voice recognition and processing to prioritize the functions you use the most. It’s also more streamlined. For example, to change the channel, just say the channel number. For 2013 Smart TVs, you have to say “channel change, channel number” and then the number. The company notes that voice control will roll out to an additional 12 markets for a total of 23.

For voice search, results will show up all in one place for easier sifting. Basic apps like weather and stocks can be expanded for detailed views by clicking the list items. As for how this will work in real life, we’re looking forward to the chance to see the new Samsung Smart TV line at CES from Jan. 7-10, 2014 and relaying our experience to you. Stay tuned.

SOURCE: Samsung

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