Samsung Smart TV SDK 3.0 entices developers with paid apps

Samsung has announced that it will be releasing an update to its Smart TV SDK this Thursday, January 5. The update will be to version 3.0 and will bring new support for paid apps and in-app advertising. This will finally allow developers and publishers to make money from their Samsung Smart TV apps and could stimulate developer support.

The Samsung Smart TV SDK 3.0 supports development for both mobile devices and TV sets. In this latest update, developers will be able to tap into support for various input devices, such as remote controllers as well as USB mouse, keyboard, and game controllers.

Although Samsung will likely be a major partner for Google TV, the company will probably continue to maintain its own Smart TV ecosystem much like how it has been a top Android device maker yet it still works on its own mobile operating system, Bada. Since the launch of Smart TV in 2009, the company has been keen on building a strong developer community around the platform. It now claims to have 25,000 developers from 140 countries.

[via Engadget]