Samsung Smart Monitors now have 43-inch UHD and 24-inch FHD options

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Many monitors these days have gotten much better and much more advanced but the way they work has mostly remained the same. You plug in a video source, like a computer, console, or even a phone without which the monitor is basically useless. Late last year, Samsung launched a new breed of displays that, while also acting as monitors, can also serve their own content from other sources. These Samsung Smart Monitors are now growing with two new models covering the smallest and the biggest needs.

What makes Samsung's Smart Monitors line special is that they can be useful even without a computer or phone attached. Running the same Tizen OS that it uses on its Smart TVs, the monitors can actually also stream content directly via Samsung Hub. It can also connect to remote computers, like those from Microsoft 365.

This update brings two no models to the fold. On one end of the range is a new M5 24-inch screen with an FHD resolution to cater to those with cramped spaces. On the opposite extreme is a hulking M7 43-inch option that, thankfully, also comes with a higher density UHD resolution. At this point, the Smart Monitor really becomes more like a Smart TV that happens to also connect to a laptop or phone.

The latter part is an important distinction for Samsung, of course, as it plays into its DeX system for mobile. Especially with the newly announced Smart Keyboard Trio, Samsung is pushing DeX back into people's consciousness. Hopefully, it means it's also preparing some updates and improvements to the platform soon, perhaps when it launches the Galaxy Z Fold 3 in July or August.

In addition to announcing new Smart Monitor models, Samsung is also boasting about the remote that comes with the 43-inch UHD model which is made from recycled plastic and can be charged from solar power or lightbulbs. Other models are also getting remotes that are at least partially crafted from recycled plastic.