Samsung Smart Glow puts an LED ring around the rear camera

The back side of the smartphone is one of the barest part of the device. It usually only had the rear camera, until some manufacturers started putting fingerprint scanners and sometimes even buttons there. It's a bit understandable, considering how the back is the one seen most by other people and therefore has to be the most presentable. That is why Samsung's leaked upcoming Smart Glow feature adds some new functionality on that rear side while, at the same time, actually adding some prettiness in the process.

In a nutshell Smart Glow puts a ring of LED light around the smartphone's rear camera. Like the LED light in the front of some smartphones, it is primarily used for conveying notifications, like new messages received, charging state, etc. However, that's where the similarities end.

Unlike the front-facing LED, you can actually customize Smart Glow's light settings, including blinkng rate, duration, etc. You can even set to only blink for certain VIP contacts. It's a feature that is mostly only possible on rooted devices or ROMs and with the help of third party apps.

Smart Glow also has one more feature, this time in the service of photography. Called "selfie assist", it helps users take selfies with the rear camera instead of the front, notifying them when the face is within frame and then takes the shot after 2 seconds.

Smart Glow is admittedly a smart feature that will still keep you informed even when the phone is face down, like after you flipped it to mute incoming call notifications. But it might also prove to be an inescapable distraction for those who keep their phones that way precisely in order not to be distracted. Good thing it's customizable.

The Smart Glow feature is expected to debut on the Samsung Galaxy J2 (2016) when the device lands in India, a surprising feature for an entry-level model. Whether it will also be present in the upcoming Galaxy Note 7/6 is something we'll still have to wait for.