Samsung sick of trying to please Japanese

So they quit, they are through, from here on out you'll have to go somewhere else to get your consumer electronics. Really they are, but I don't think it was on that bad of terms, it was a simple business decision, they can't hardly compete with the native companies such as Panasonic, Sony, Sharp, or other companies they had to compete with.

They are hoping to continue selling their components to companies for business to business sales, but that's it. Not much of a difference really, they had already pulled their products from shelves a while ago, but now they won't even be selling them online to Japan.

They do however have a special place in the hearts of US citizens, as they have an 11.8 percent market share in the flat-panel TV market. So, that's that, now, onto bigger, better things like finding a way to make those SSD drives more affordable.

Samsung retires from Japanese consumer electronics market [via news]