Samsung shows off 0.39-inch thick LCD TV

You don't usually hear many people complaining that their TV is too big. Unless they're talking about how thick it is, then the people still using old CRTs are usually the only ones complaining. However, if your LCD TV is just too thick for your taste, Samsung has the perfect one for you.

Samsung's latest LCD TV is literally flat as a pancake. It has a thickness of just 0.39 inches, or for those using the Metric system, that's 10 millimeters. Not only is it thin, but it only consumes a measly 90 watts of power. The great thing about low-power products is that you can tell yourself (and your spouse) that  you're saving the environment by upgrading.

There aren't a lot of details other than the thickness and screen size (40 inches if you're curious). Samsung will be showing it off at FPD International in Japan, so I'm sure we'll have more details soon.

Samsung's 40-inch 1080p LCD TV panel is just 0.39-inch thin [via bornrich]