Samsung shows how they stress test the Galaxy S III

We've all seen those ridiculous drop tests. The ones where people drop brand new gadgets on purpose and try to get them to break. While we all know that almost any smartphone will break when you drop it, what we really want to know is how smartphones hold up when their buttons are pressed thousands of times in a row. Samsung has released a video demonstrating their process of stress testing their flagship Galaxy S III smartphone, and it's actually really interesting to watch.

The video isn't in English, and YouTube's built-in closed captioning translation system isn't that great, so don't bother turning your sound up to hear it. In any case, the video shows you several of Samsung's stress tests, including sitting on the phone, putting it through a water bath, twisting it, and pushing the buttons 200,000 times in a row.

One of the tests includes quite a risque robotic caboose dressed in denim jeans and all, sitting on the phone in order to simulate the moments when users sit on their phones while its in their back pocket. We had no idea that Samsung went through the trouble of building a fake rear end in order test the durability of their devices.

Overall, knowing what companies put their devices through before selling them to the public is reassuring. While some people might scoff at plastic-built phones and call them fragile, manufacturers like Samsung and others seem to be spending a lot of time trying out different building materials in order to keep the phones durable and long-lasting.

[via Android Community]