Samsung Shark S5350, Shark 2 S5550 and Shark 3 S3550 social networking phones debut

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Samsung have unveiled their latest range, the Samsung Shark series, and they're taking on entry-level social networking.  Three devices will be initially available – the candybar Samsung Shark S5350 and two sliders, the Shark 2 S5550 and Shark 3 S3550 – each with shortcuts to Facebook, MySpace, Bebo and other popular social networks on their homescreen.  Meanwhile the Samsung Communities app allows for easier uploading of photos and videos to (together with on-device browsing of) Flickr, Picasa, Photobucket and YouTube.

Both the Shark and the Shark 2 have HSDPA 3.6 (900/2100) and quadband GSM/EDGE, while the Shark 3 makes do with just the GSM/EDGE connectivity; all have Bluetooth 2.1 and USB 2.0 support.  As for cameras, the Shark has a 3.2-megapixel snapper, the Shark 2 a 5-megapixel one with autofocus and LED flash, and the Shark 3 makes do with just 2-megapixels.  Meanwhile the Shark 2 also gets an AMOLED display.

All of the phones have added security functionality, too, including sending out a message whenever the SIM card is changed.  The Samsung Shark range will go on sale in January 2010, no word on pricing however.

Press Release:

Samsung combines power, performance & stunning style with the Samsung Shark
  • Cutting-edge metallic phones give social-network fans the constant-connections they crave
  • Samsung's signature designs for 2010 deliver sleek ergonomics and unrivalled style
  • Seoul, Korea, January 14th, 2010 – Samsung Electronics, one of the world's foremost makers of mobile phones, today announced a sleek, tactile new mobile phone, the powerful Samsung Shark range. The first devices in the range, the candy bar Shark (S5350) and slider phones, devices Shark 2 (S5550) and Shark 3 (S3550), will be available from January.

    The Shark series has been created for active, multimedia-hungry users who value style and design as much as they value constant access to their social networks, friends and family. Bringing together power and function in such a unique, style-led handset allows Shark series users to stand out from the crowd while remaining in constant contact with it.

    "The Shark Series is designed to meet the needs of active, style-conscious users who demand constant connection with their peers.The Shark Series will not only keep these users up-to-date with the latest news and information important to them, but also allows them to express their own style and distinctive personal taste." said Younghee Lee, Vice President of Mobile Marketing, Samsung Electronics.

    The Shark's does not come at a cost – the phone offers fantastic value for money while still delivering great style, strong multimedia functionality and an intuitive user experience.

    Social Networking Services (SNS) direct shortcuts have been placed on the idle screen, giving users one-click access to Facebook, MySpace, Bebo and other favorite sites.

    Samsung Communities software enables users to upload and share photos and personal videos to global SNS or photo sharing sites quickly and easily. Meanwhile swift and simple access to popular sites like Flickr, Picasa, Photobucket, and YouTube, encourage browsing and viewing while on the move.

    The Shark series provide peace-of-mind for busy users through security features, including Mobile Tracker, which helps to trace a lost or stolen mobile by alerting the user whenever the SIM card is changed. In addition, an SOS Message can be programmed to send a distress alert to a pre-selected emergency contact, enabling quick and discreet requests for assistance.

    Shark (S5350):SNS-enabled Sleek Metal Candy Bar

    The Shark's sleek curves, metallic finish and unique, asymmetric design redefine the look of candy bar mobiles. The curved and ergonomic form provides a better grip than the conventional straight-lined models, while its slim (11.9mm) profile ensures it is perfectly pocketable. This stylish phone is packed with multimedia fun, from music to advanced camera features.

    Updated Graphic User Interface (GUI) designs add exciting and stylish new looks for the mobile interface. Users can choose from a variety of contemporary and sophisticated themes to suit their personal style. The Shark also comes with a 3.2 megapixel camera that can record video.

    Moreover, the Shark features Multi-instant messenger which combines all of the user's accounts for GTalk, AIM, and Palringo Chat into one easy-to-use application for instant communication with all friends. Chatting with friends on any platform becomes as simple as opening a single application

    Shark 2 (S5550): Futuristic Fluid Slider with AMOLED

    Shark 2's well-crafted mix of extrusion, Kevlar, and metallic surface creates a strong, chiseled look that dictates the form factor. Importantly, this mobile does a lot more than just look good; it delivers an impressive performance.

    The Shark 2 boasts an AMOLED screen, producing true-to-life images at a faster response time while power consumption is lower than with other display types. The realistic colors are combined with a wide viewing angle – perfect for sharing and viewing photos and videos with friends.

    The 5 megapixel camera with Auto Focus takes brilliant photos anytime, anywhere. Video is captured at 30fps for steady playback and recorded in QVGA resolution. Other features include 110MB internal memory and an external microSD slot (up to 8GB),ensuring significant storage for any multimedia needs. From Bluetooth and USB connectivity to ample storage space, the Shark 2 does everything to ensure convenience and usability.

    Like Shark, Shark 2 also features Multi-instant messenger for instant communication with all friends. Shark 2 is also equipped with an SNS shortcut menu on its idle screen, so users can instantaneously be connected to their social networking sites.

    Shark 3 (S3550): Compact and Curvilinear

    The Shark 3 merges simplicity and style in one of best all-around slider phones on the market. The design finesse and originality introduces a new level of sophistication and sleekness for general mobile users. The patterned metallic back cover gives a premium look from every angle, while the compact size enhances portability and ergonomic comfort.

    The slim and sleek exterior is complemented by superior function thanks to an enhanced user interface, offering effortless operation and optimized navigation. A new innovative UI features one additional soft key added in the bottom center which adapts to users' needs for intuitive navigation. Optimized user scenarios streamline navigation paths for common functions such as message composition, and the efficient layout increases visibility and readability of the menu screens.

    Connecting to social networks is a breeze, too with instant messenger and various SNS enablers. The Shark 3 is equipped with a 2 megapixel camera for capturing fun, spontaneous moments easily. Audible entertainment is just as easily accessible. There is 40MB of built-in memory and a microSD (up to 8GB), enough to have photo albums and music libraries within immediate reach.