Samsung SGH-t819 is as ugly as a brown Zune

James Allan Brady - Jan 21, 2008

For some reason T-Mobile and/or Samsung felt it prudent to not only design, but go ahead and produce and sell an ugly brown cell phone. Add to that the fact that it all runs on edge and that makes it all the less tempting.

Although it does have WCDMA that T-Mobile could unleash on their 1700MHz network. It has A2DP Bluetooth, a 220×176 display, a 1.3MP camera, and a microSD card slot.

It’s a slider, and as I said before, a darn ugly one at that, but it does support myFaves and the T-Mobile Address Book. If you wan one, you can get it now for $99.99 online after all applicable discounts and a 2-year contract.

[via phonemag]

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