Samsung Sees a Galaxy on O2

Evan Selleck - Aug 14, 2009
Samsung Sees a Galaxy on O2

The Samsung Galaxy (i7500), the only Android device with an AMOLED display, has been out on Germany’s network for some time, and it’s been the general envy of most Android users out there since its release. While other Android phones like the Magic and Hero are great in their own right, Samsung left it upon itself to create an Android phone that set up to blow the competition (HTC) out of the water. And it looks like that customer base is about to get a lot bigger.

At O2 retail stores across the UK, staff are reporting that they have begun to see the Samsung Galaxy popping up on their chain’s stock management. That system is telling these loyal employees that the phone will be launching on their network by next week. And that’s pretty exciting, considering that the Galaxy has already made its presence known in other areas, like Taiwan.

There was talk that the Galaxy hadn’t passed some, if not all, of O2’s “customer experience processes”, which basically boils down to a handset accreditation process. It’s unclear as to what the Galaxy might have not passed with flying colors, but it looks like whatever it was got cleared up. As a refresher, here’s some of the staples of this upcoming handset:

The display is a 3.2″ HVGA (320×480) AMOLED, there’s a 528MHz processor inside, a 5MP camera on the back, it’s running Android, comes with 8GB standard memory, and has a MicroSD memory card slot that can be expanded up to an additional 32GB.

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