Samsung S Health updated with faster heart rate checking

Samsung has updated its S Health fitness app, bringing it up to version With the new version comes some new features, including the option to contrast your step count with those of other users, including your friends. If you use a fitness tracker or other fitness apps, as well, S Health can show all the steps that have been recorded by/in other products.

Those who are particularly serious about their health tracking can also export their heart rate, blood pressure and glucose level data in a few file formats (PDF, XLS, and HTML). The blood glucose data is now easier to add, as well, because meters with Bluetooth connectivity can be synced with S Health to transfer the numbers.

Heart rate data, of course, can be taken using the newer Samsung phones' built-in sensor, and now the process is faster than ever. By enabling a new Quick Measure option, one can have their heart rate determined much more quickly.

Fitness and health tracking has become a popular focus for our increasingly health-conscious society, and apps like S Health help keep track of the data for analysis over the long haul. Of course, you could use a dedicated fitness band for more convenient tracking — there are many to choose from, and soon enough, some of them might even support mobile payment systems.

SOURCE: SamMobile