Samsung S Health available for all Android devices

There are plenty of health apps out there today for people to use to track their fitness and other health related data. One of the more popular options for Samsung smartphone users was Samsung's own S Health app. When S Health first launched you had to be using a Samsung device to use the app, but that has now changed.

S Health is available for all Android users as of now. The app is able to track everyday activities and help you reach fitness goals with training programs. The app features a dashboard that gives a quick look at all of your stats and information.

That dashboard can be customized to show you your own data by adding or removing Goals, Programs, and Trackers to the screen. The app can also manage and measure heart rate, SPO2, and ultraviolet using sensors in the smartphone and wearables if you have them.

Along with making the app available to non-Samsung users, the app also is compatible with more Samsung devices. Users of the Galaxy S3 or higher can now use S Health. There are still some unsupported Samsung devices, but what exactly those are isn't specified.

DOWNLOAD: Play Store

SOURCE: Android Community