Samsung Releasing New 2GB-Based Server RAM

Samsung is launching some the highest-density, lowest powered DDR2 memory for servers. This memory operates at 1.55V which is up to half what previous chips have operated at.

Now, I know I said these chips were for servers, but your Mac Pro and a lot of newer high end boards are also using FB-DIMMs or Fully Buffered DIMMs, so this could be for you to. They are going to be producing these particular chips in 4GB and 8GB capacities, which means if the 16GB in your Mac Pro just isn't cutting it anymore, you can get an upgrade.

The chips are built on a 60nm process which is another part of the way Samsung was able to drop the power requirements so low. So, if your Mac Pro, home or business server, or other system needs a memory boost but you are already pushing those redundant power supplies, Samsung has your back.

[via Samsung]