Samsung releases Milk Video exclusively for Galaxy owners

Samsung Galaxy smartphone owners are getting a new feature today. Milk, Samsung's umbrella brand for media, has a video player launching today, the appropriately named Milk video. The service is designed for streaming of shorter video clips (but not 'Vine' short) rather than longer-form content. You might catch a music video, but it's doubtful you'll see an uploaded episode of an old TV show. Milk Video may sound a bit like a YouTube competitor, but it pulls content from there (among other sources), so it's really not.

What Milk is, is proprietary. Samsung is limiting Milk Video to their Galaxy handsets.

Milk wants to stand out from the video aggregate crowd by offering up exclusive content. Samsung says Milk will offer a weekly news show from Vice, and Funny or Die will shoot short-form comedy clips for the service.

Milk video compliments Milk Music, and operates much the same. Rather than try to fight to become a streaming service, Milk aggregates content from other, more established sources and creators. There may be some exclusive content, but the overall scope is letting you customize your experience.

As sales and earnings decline for Samsung, it's hard to understand why they felt the need to create something that seems redundant. If done well, Milk Video could make itself the Flipboard of video, an aggregate some turn to more for its flashy delivery than content than exclusive content.

If its not, don't expect to see Milk around for too long. Samsung Galaxy owners should visit Milk Video's Play Store page for download. Device compatibility information can be found on Milk's support page.