Samsung Ready to Unveil World's Thinnest 3D Blu-ray Player

Despite the fact that Samsung may be ready to show off the brand new, world's thinnest 3D Blu-ray player, we'll have to wait a bit longer before we get an official announcement from the company, plus our own eyes-on with the device. Samsung has made it known that they plan on showing off the new 3D Blu-ray player at CES 2011, at the beginning of January.

Details about the device itself are pretty non-existent at this point. Thanks to OLED-Display, though, we've got a few tid-bits to share with you. The player will be able to convert 2D to 3D, will feature the ability to mount to the wall, and will measure in at only 23mm. Samsung have also decided to make the player feature a metallic chassis. Not surprisingly, you'll find integrated applications on the device as well, which will include Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and others.

No information on pricing, release date, or even any additional pictures. But, these two should suffice until we can get our hands on it. With CES 2011 right around the corner, you'll just have to hold tight.

[via OLED-Display; thanks, Erik!]