Samsung Quad Pen

Do you frequently get inspired with an idea or something of that nature but never have a pen or paper to write it down on and know you'll never remember it? Well this probably won't help, but it's a pen (that you'll probably lose) that you can use to write on any surface, and it will record the motions and convert them into handwriting on your computer.

There is an electronic sensor in the tip that records all the movements to some sort of storage, probably flash, in the barrel of the pen. So basically it sounds like a slightly more adult/advanced version of the kids version that recently came out to help you with your homework and all that jazz.

I like it though, if I had a use for it. It could be priceless when giving a presentation, because you could probably just start writing notes on your slides based on the feedback you get from your audience. Or you could just give it to your kid and quit playing around with the toys like your 5, that's probably what your peers will tell you.

Samsung Quad Pen Concept Transfers Air Scribbling in Perpetuity [via gizmodo]