Samsung Q1U WWAN high-gain aerial hack

Having some sort of built-in WWAN – like EV-DO or HSDPA – can make a world of difference if you're in dire need of an internet hit but out of range of a WiFi hotspot.  However, it does mean you're at the mercy of cellular signals.  Samsung Q1 Ultra owner Andyman had already stuck the miniPCI-E guts of a USB EV-DO modem into his UMPC, but was fed up of mediocre coverage when in remote locations; what better excuse to slap a great big external antenna on and enjoy full signal everywhere!


Andy himself admits that it's a rough'n'ready hack – primarily because he limited himself to parts he had lying around – but the proof of the pudding is most definitely in the indigestion it gives you afterwards and in this case it's a whole stomach-worth of top notch EV-DO at plentiful high speeds.

"I dive regularly and locations I go, I get hardly any cell coverage.  I needed an antenna with decent gain and with the ability to use external antenna.  Needed to be removable too ... I get full signal strength everywhere.  If I remove it, I get 2 – 3 bars"

Origami Project forum [via jkontherun]