Samsung Q1 UMPC runs Windows 7 on Celeron-M better than Vista ever could

Notch up another success for Windows 7: Ian Dixon, a Media Centre MVP in the UK, has been trying out the pre-beta OS on a Samsung Q1 UMPC, quite the challenge when you consider this has a mere Celeron-M processor and 1GB of RAM.  As has been the experience of many others, Ian has found Windows 7 to be faster than the Vista install he had on the Q1 previously.

On first install the Q1 lacked touchscreen and video drivers, but Samsung's own download page and some HID workarounds fixed that.  In fact the only issue outstanding is the sound driver, for which neither Windows 7's, nor Vista's, nor XP's will work.

Nonetheless, the aged UMPC is running faster than in its Vista incarnation, and even the media center functionality in Windows 7 Ultimate will boot (though not run in full-screen mode).  The improved touchscreen features are all present and correct

[via GottaBeMobile]