Samsung PRO Endurance microSD cards are made for video cameras

Certain products continuously record video to a storage card, the biggest examples being security cameras and dashcams, and now Samsung is here with a microSD card made specifically for them. Called the PRO Endurance series, this product line's name hints at the model's extreme endurance, enabling the cards to withstand tens of thousands of hours of continuous recording.

The key here is that some devices, unlike your smartphone for example, record huge quantities of footage over long periods of time. Popping an ordinary microSD card into one of these devices, such as your dashcam, could be disastrous when the card soon fails and takes potentially vital videos with it.

That's where more durable cards come in. Samsung says its PRO Endurance cards have 25x the endurance of its other similar cards; they can withstand up to 43,800 hours of Full HD video recording continuously, which adds up to 5 years of non-stop recording.

Samsung tosses a five-year warranty into the mix, ensuring the user gets at least those five years. Five years is a long period, likely longer than you'd leave any single camera up and running. That makes the series' relatively low cost welcome: you'll pay about $30 for the lowest capacity, 32GB. The next capacity up, 64GB, is $45 and the highest capacity, 128GB, is $90.

Joining the high endurance level is typical durability for this type of card: they're waterproof, temperature-proof, and won't be damaged by x-rays or by magnets. All three cards in the PRO Endurance lineup are available now.

SOURCE: Samsung