Samsung president says he uses Apple products

Samsung is the world's leading smartphone manufacturer, but they're also at the center of some pretty heated patent disputes with Apple at the moment. However, newly-appointed president and chief strategy officer, Young Sohn, said that Samsung plans to lead innovation in 2013 and years beyond. Interestingly, though, he also says he still uses mostly Apple products, not Samsung devices, at home.

In an interview with MIT's Technology Review blog, Sohn says that "Samsung was founded in 1938 and has a long history of successful business transformation." While he notes that the company is one of the largest in the world, he doesn't want to be complacent. "To get to the next stage of growth, the innovation engine is critical," he says.

Sohn said that Samsung is focused on research and development, and the company recently opened eight R&D labs in the US alone. He also said that the company plans to focus more on cloud technologies, big-data technologies, mobile-ecosystem technologies, and enterprise infrastructure in order to deliver a complete package to its users. As an example, he mentioned that he uses a Mac computer at home, as well as an iPhone and iPad, but also uses a Galaxy device.

However, he said that he uses Samsung devices at work, but when he's at home, he uses mostly Apple products. He notes that this is mainly because all of his "systems and files are done that way." He says it's a "sticky" situation, but he figured out how to sync all of his data between the two different platforms, and this is where Samsung wants to focus and improve on.

[via Technology Review]