Samsung Performs Odd Paper Planes in Space Experiment

Samsung, in their infinite wisdom and wish to show the world that their memory cards are extremely durable and can survive even at the edge of outer space, have launched a helium balloon up toward the stars with a payload of 200 paper planes, each one of them containing one of their hardcore cards. When the balloon reached the desired height above Earth, the planes were released, and the balloon with parachute was retrieved via tracking device.

Why would they do such a thing? Where's the fun in all this besides the fact that blasting off airplanes from 36,500 meters above Berlin? Each one of the cards attached to the planes has embedded in it a message (we assume a txt file) sent into Samsung by fans of the company, each one of them readable by the people who end up finding the planes, each one of these people invited to enter the message into this space:

Take a peek at the launch video here:

[Via Samsung]