Samsung Pay Mini coming to Android devices in Korea

Samsung may have, unofficially, closed the doors on bringing at least one of its payment systems to iOS, but it's still full steam ahead for non-Samsung Android phones. At least in its home country of South Korea. The manufacturer has just made it official that its so-called Samsung Pay Mini will be launching in the country some time this quarter, and it will be made available to practically any Android phone running a relatively modern version of the OS.

Samsung already has its Samsung Pay, so what is Samsung Pay Mini. The perhaps confusingly named derivative sheds of the exclusivity of the main Pay platform, meaning it's available to non Samsung devices as long as they're running Android 5.0 Lollipop or newer and have at least a 720p HD screen.

Another point of distinction is that Samsung Pay Mini is limited to online transactions only. Offline payment, that is, paying by simply tapping your phone or smartwatch, is limited only to Galaxy devices with the fuller Samsung Pay. Part of the reason is technical, as that functionality depends on MST technology available only on higher end Samsung smartphones.

Aside from those substantial differences, Samsung Pay Mini shares some traits in common with Samsung Pay, like in the areas of rewards and perks. That includes lifestyle promos, membership discounts, and even transportation offers.

Samsung has not yet disclosed an exact date for the launch of Samsung Pay Mini in its home market, other than a generic Q1 range. The announcement also mostly addresses the Korean market and, so far, no word has been given on an international launch, especially in the US.

SOURCE: Samsung