Samsung Oreo update for mid-range phones delayed

With the official launch of Android 9 Pie, the Android community has naturally started a guessing game of which phones will get the update and when. But for a rather sizable section of Samsung's customers, getting the Pie is furthest from their mind. Those holding on to a mid-range or entry-level Galaxy phone still haven't even received their promised Oreo cookie and, if this latest leak is any indication, they might not even get it until the first quarter of 2019.

Samsung's notorious update speed strikes again. Oreo is going to be a year old in a few weeks, just like some of these mid-range Samsung phones. Some are even older, having launched in 2016. While Samsung has indeed updated some of those, like the 2016 Galaxy J7, to Nougat, others have yet to see their first major Android upgrade.

An earlier roadmap posted on Samsung's own Members app previous showed that these phones will get Android Oreo by December. An updated schedule spotted by Androidpure now reveals that that will be true only for the Galaxy J7 Neo. The rest will have to wait for 2019, sometime between January to March, for their turn.

• Samsung Galaxy J7 Neo (December 2018)

• Samsung Galaxy Tab A (2017) (January 2019)

• Samsung Galaxy A9 Pro (2016) (January 2019)

• Samsung Galaxy C7 Pro (January 2019)

• Samsung Galaxy C9 Pro (January 2019)

• Samsung Galaxy J2 (2018) (January 2019)

• Samsung Galaxy On5 (2016) (January 2019)

• Samsung Galaxy On7 (2016) (January 2019)

• Samsung Galaxy J7 (2018) (January 2019)

• Samsung Galaxy J7 (2017) (January 2019)

• Samsung Galaxy J7 Max (February 2019)

• Samsung Galaxy J7 (2016) (March 2019)

The hardest pill to swallow, however, is the fact that Samsung will always reserve the right to change its mind or its schedule if the device proves to be incapable of running Android Oreo to satisfaction. So while It does give the hope that these smartphones could at least have Oreo by early 2019, it can very well take away that hope at a moment's notice.