Samsung opens beta of iTunes-like Samsung Movies

It looks like Samsung is jumping on the digital store bandwagon with their latest offering, Samsung Movies. This store is currently only in beta, but it appears to be very similar to iTunes in both form and function.

If you have a device that is compatible with the store, you can buy movies and TV shows or even rent them for watching on your mobile gadget. What's cool about this is you will receive both a mobile version and a Windows Media version of any title you purchase so you're not limited to watching Iron Man on your itty bitty smartphone screen.

Right this second you'll have access to 500 different titles, though this will move past the 2,000 mark by the time July rolls around. At the moment, the service is only supported in Germany and the UK on the F480 Tocco. If you fall within these fairly rigid specifications, you can buy movies outright for somewhere between the equivalent of $6.83 to $19.16 and you can rent for between $3.41 and $5.47.

[via Electronista]