Samsung Omnia 2 Shows Up at Samsung Mobile Site Sporting Verizon Logo

Well, August 23 has come and gone, and the Samsung Omnia 2 hasn't graced the shelves at your local Verizon retailer, but Samsung doesn't want you to freak out. In fact, they want you to take a look at a creepy silhouette of the Omnia II and rejoice in the fact that it's coming soon. Whenever that means.

The ad dictates that the Omnia II will revolutionize the way you email and text, promoting that it will be faster and more accurate. More accurate than what? We're not sure, but that's a pretty bold statement, especially considering the Omnia II is rocking Windows Mobile and a resistive touchscreen. Sure, it's huge at 3.7", but more size doesn't necessarily mean more accuracy.

Either way, the Omnia II is going to be a great phone with that TouchWiz 2.0 User Interface, and the fact that it has that amazing AMOLED screen. We just wish we had a bit more solid information regarding the phone's release here in the States, considering its running amok around Europe right now. Plus, there's always the sneaky question regarding why Samsung Mobile would put a silhouette instead of an actual image of the phone. Oh, questions, questions...

[via Samsung Mobile]