Samsung NX200 DSLR Hands-On

As you may well have seen earlier this week in some news straight out of Berlin's own IFA 2011, Samsung has released information about their newest DSLR with interchangeable lens, the NX200. All the information about the camera as it existed in its original release form can be found in the post Samsung NX200 gets official with i-Function 2.0 lenses in tow. You'll find out instantly that this device is part of a larger environment that includes a whole slew of additional lenses, all of this in the size and form factor of a compact point-and-shoot. We got the opportunity to take a hands-on quick look at this device this week as well, filmed and published below for you to take part in the fun!

The video you're about to watch is quite loud, so make sure you've got your headphones turned down somewhat, then get your sharp listening ears out because there's a massive amount of what I'd call "bonus" noise going on here because everyone is so excited to see all the new gadgets – ravenous fans, I tell you! What you're going to get a look at here is the NX200, a camera capable of an ISO range of 100-12,800 and the recording of Full HD movies.

Lenses of all sorts come capable of working with this device, all of them part of the Samsung i-Function family, each of them putting the controls for camera settings on the lens itself so you're able to access them without taking your hands off the controls. Additionally, i-Function 2.0 lenses allow the control of smart filters amongst other functions directly from the lens in Lens Priority mode.

[VMS 396569a906f75ff3f20e]

You'll be getting a quick journey through the device through its rear-facing 3-inch AMOLED display while our Samsung presenter flips the hardware around with great ease. An interchangeable lens compact camera with great potential!