Samsung NX100 Official Press Shots Revealed

Samsung's newest edition to their micro-four-thirds line-up, the NX100, is still unannounced (but previously teased, but that's not stopping some folks from revealing the official press shots of the device ahead of any kind of announcement. No surprise here, though, right? It's almost impossible to keep a secret ahead of an official announcement, after all. And while the photos are indeed drool-worthy, there's still plenty of information missing about the upcoming camera.

The NX100 will be Samsung's smallest mirrorless interchangeable camera, but it will be wide enough for you to notice in your grip. The press shots came courtesy of a forum poster over at DPReview, and they point out that the lens features just 2.5X zoom. As for the other features, there's still a lot of speculation — especially considering Samsung hasn't officially announced the camera yet.

Some believe that, much like the NX10 (also by Samsung), the NX100 will feature a 14.6MP APS-C sensor. And there won't be a built-in flash, as Samsung will apparently rely on a hot shoe to have you add it later, if you see fit. As for anything else important, like pricing and availability, that will have to wait until Photokina, where Samsung is believed to make the official announcement. So, stay tuned.

[via Electronista]