Samsung NVMe PCIe SSD offers 3000 Mbps sequential read speed

Shane McGlaun - Mar 26, 2014
Samsung NVMe PCIe SSD offers 3000 Mbps sequential read speed

Samsung has announced a new very fast SSD drive that offers impressive performance. The new SSD is called the SFF-8639 NVMe PCIe SSD and the storage device is first being used inside the new Dell PowerEdge R920 server. NVMe stands for non-volatile memory express if you are wondering.

Dell and Samsung have become the first firms in the world to ship a PCIe SSD using the NVMe protocol allowing for better performance from the storage device. Samsung says that the new SSD can write random data in 25 microseconds. That speed makes the server using it much faster for big data tasks.

The SSD is offered in three capacities including 400GB, 800GB, and 1600GB. The hardware is designed for enterprise applications with the endurance required for up to seven writes per day for five years. Samsung notes that the 1.6TB unit has a sequential read speed of 3000 Mbps.

It can also process random read data at up to 7500 IOPS. Samsung says that IOPS performance is over three times as fast as a conventional SAS 12Gbps SSD storage device. Power efficiency in the data center and sever room are important as well and the new SSD solution is able to process 25% more IOPS per watt than a 12Gbps SAS SSD.

SOURCE: Samsung

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