Samsung Mondi gets ARM11 CPU: doubts over MID performance

Chris Davies - Apr 8, 2009, 3:43 am CDT
Samsung Mondi gets ARM11 CPU: doubts over MID performance

Samsung’s Mondi WiMAX MID had something of a stretched out launch – first being demonstrated at MWC as the SWD-M100, then getting a quiet mention through the company’s own RSS image feed, before Samsung finally came clean early this month.  What we haven’t known until now is the processor powering the Mondi, and anybody hoping for something esoteric and interesting will be disappointed: it’s an 800MHz ARM11 chip.

In fact, according to Pocketables’ source at Samsung, the specific CPU is the 800MHz S3C6410 ARM11 Mobile Processor.  That means no Cortex v7, which would have had impressive impact on runtime and performance.

There’s now concern whether the processor is up to the expectations of speedy MID performance that many will have for the Mondi.  Samsung are using Windows Mobile 6.1 and pre-loading Opera 9.5, which means the software is certainly capable enough; it remains to be seen how the web experience turns out in practice, though.

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