Samsung Mobile Display outs new Super PLS display to replace IPS tech

Samsung Mobile Display is huge in the mobile display business and many of the screens that are in the popular smartphones and other devices on the market are from the company. SMD has unveiled a new display that has tech that will replace IPS screens in smartphones with much better features for users.

One of the big improvements in the new screens according to SMD is an increase in viewing angles by 100% and the screen is 10% brighter as well. The new screen tech is Super PLS and it can support screen resolutions of up to WXGA. Despite the better features and performance, the new screens will be cheaper to produce than existing tech by about 15%.

SMD apparently owns 30 patents that are key to the tech so this side of licensing the tech to competitors so SMD may be the only game in town for the new screen. Mass production is set to kick off in Q1 2011 and the screens will be offered in sizes for smartphone and tablet use. PLS stands for Plane to Line Switching if you wondered and the clarity and brightness of the Super PLS screen next to the IPs panel in the SMD demo images is very clear.

Via OLED-Display